Time Share: Shadows Fall
ADMurr: Hollister
Maria Evgenidu: “Straziantemente, meravigliosamente” (foto 6 di 6)
David Velasco.: _2006.04.10 - 001-3-31-R.
Rhisiart Hincks: Vitrailh ruz e Chapel Sant Gwenole, An Trevoù
Maria Evgenidu: “Straziantemente, meravigliosamente” (foto 2 di 6)
maríaelenalópez: Abstract in black & white
an.haze: sold heart
hhschueller: Domino's Pizza
Massimo Gerussi: Strada per Comacchio
Ximo Michavila: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Seagram building #10
"Fragments pictosophiques": oneself as an other . .
"Fragments pictosophiques": through the nothing-glass . . (escape oneself from the bottle)
mellis61: Bike Trail Underpass
summer_77: White sands national monument#Flickr12Days
strange_hair: train_1330389