omgeezy45: Crazy foggy moody morning. Loaded up some TMaxx 400 in my Fuji GA645 & captured the fog traveling across the ground. It was jaw dropping!
omgeezy45: Best friends
bluechromis1: Los Muertos Singer
camera_holic: Chinon CE-5
TheQ!: grainy days
Nenad Suznjevic: The final solution - just another house gone -= stairway =-
fcuencadiaz: Trijueque.
fcuencadiaz: Trijueque.
fcuencadiaz: Trijueque, iglesia de Ntra. Sra. de la Asunción.
ャン: Doris
Boldizsár Nádi: Dinaric Alps
Lucio.Fulci: untitled-5.jpg
Nightmares8: climate control.
Gauthier V.: La joie nous dissipe, la tristesse nous concentre, la paix est au milieu
ャン: Doris
ャン: Doris
fcuencadiaz: San Ciprián, la ría.
fcuencadiaz: Galicia interior. (papel)
fcuencadiaz: Burela, playa de A Marosa. (papel)
Olga. S: untitled20200809_21152958
Olga. S: untitled20200809_20544265
/ina1703: --- kids on their own series