Chris Protopapas: Morgan Library and Museum
Per@vicbcca: Autumn Colours
David JP64: A wet day at…
markshephard800: Fuchsias
Thad Roan - Bridgepix: Sunrise - Ballast Point Park Pier - Tampa, Florida
jpkissel46: Clapboard relic
Photography_By_BobWilson: 2d Sunday of Advent - St. James Catholic Cathedral
David JP64: Ruins at Hoghton tower
markshephard800: Yachts and gold light
Thad Roan - Bridgepix: Jackson Rooming House - Tampa, Florida
maukap: La Strummula (La Trottola - - The spinning top)
Per@vicbcca: iPhone Apple ProRaw
Chris Protopapas: Wall Street 02
An old London lad: Treeline,,
David JP64: A walk through delight 🎄
markshephard800: Sunshine contrails
ouest photo2: IMG_3910 (1)
jpkissel46: Asleep until spring
Chris Protopapas: Wall Street 01
An old London lad: Rye House Gatehouse.
Thad Roan - Bridgepix: American Victory Ship - Tampa, Florida
David JP64: 2 x Wood primer ✔️
An old London lad: At the Crossroads,,