James_H1988: Seiko Alpinist
James_H1988: Seiko Alpinist SARB017
James_H1988: Seiko Alpinist SARB017
spehmaster78: Nearly 50 And Still Tickin'.. 😀 A 1971? Seiko Automatic Wrist Watch.
spehmaster78: Rule O' Thirds..
James_H1988: Seiko Flieger SNK 809
James_H1988: Seiko SNK 809
mdss68: Prospex 200M Diver Solar SBDN035 SEIKO x PADI
mdss68: Seiko SARB017 Alpinist
sergeyshavrin: SSA303J1 vs SUN017p1
sergeyshavrin: Seiko SSA303
sergeyshavrin: Seiko SSA303 4
sergeyshavrin: Seiko SSA303 3
sergeyshavrin: Seiko SSA303 2
James_H1988: SKX007 Diver
James_H1988: SARB065 Display caseback
James_H1988: SARB065
James_H1988: SKX007 Dive watch
James_H1988: Macro Sarb065
James_H1988: Seiko Sarb065 'Cocktail Time'
mdss68: Boxing Day
dhiraj.mahajan: Seiko Premier
James_H1988: SKX007
James_H1988: My Seiko SARB065 finally arrived yesterday, what a dial! Also known as the Cocktail Time.
James_H1988: Cocktail Time in the sun 😎
James_H1988: Movement of the SNK 809 Flieger
James_H1988: Seiko SNK 809 Flieger - new strap 😁
James_H1988: Seiko 809 Flieger with its lume on show 😃
James_H1988: Seiko SNK movement through the display caseback