Ken Bordfeld: Laurel Hill Cemetery
lloydboy52: Eternal Companion
Bernard Spragg: Guardian Angel.
Mists of Time: Spirit Light
markdavidsmom: Garden Angel, coleus, & lambs ear
Mightily Oats: Cracking light
Mightily Oats: Abney Cemetery
SCHIFF71: Gone too soon • Spring 2018 • South Jersey
lloydboy52: The Ravages of Time
Rob Vigliotti: the eyes of god . . .
lloydboy52: Eyes or Lips?
sergio fuster: Père Lachaise
Gate Gustafson: Good men [do not go gentle into that good night]
optictopic: angel_under_hangingtree
SCHIFF71: Looking up and up.
lloydboy52: Ladies - Levis - Boys
IanTphotography: Gravestone 6201B/W
lloydboy52: Out of Gas
lloydboy52: Penobscot Chief
sergio fuster: 2017-01-21_04-04-09
sergio fuster: 2017-01-20_07-39-10
sergio fuster: 2017-01-19_07-07-56
sergio fuster: Père Lachaise
Rob Vigliotti: When he opened the Abyss, smoke rose from it like the smoke from a gigantic furnace. The sun and sky were darkened by the smoke from the Abyss.
Willow Images: Starry Angel
Willow Images: BH-Angel
Willow Images: Broken-Angel
Willow Images: Mourner