savy.pelagus: CF*Neizan 1119 (WEAR ME)
juanchisazarov: Juan Desmadre land
Ichiro Kojishi: I feel you
Nina DiLeonardi: - Santa's Little Helper -
Tintin Tuxing: The first frost from the frost fairy :)
zma.slife: Romazin - Gacha <Kalita> - Winter Spirit by Flair for Events
Makerz12 Resident: Princess and Her Butler and Maid
Ichiro Kojishi: Live in the moment
Ichiro Kojishi: Without you
Nina DiLeonardi: - Abstract Winter Dream -
Saffron Foxclaw: I'm a large absent minded Spirit! - The Ghost of Christmas Present
likethewaves: Ice Queen In Repose
Makerz12 Resident: Decorating the Tree
Makerz12 Resident: Heat Each Other Up
Makerz12 Resident: Let Me Be Spoiled!
zma.slife: Romazin - Set <Samantha> - TLC
zma.slife: Romazin - Set <Maxima> - TLC
Saffron Foxclaw: Expect the first ghost when the bell tolls one
zma.slife: Romazin - Set <Milta>
Saffron Foxclaw: Snow is glistening
lunafuneral1: Stay @ Mischief Managed
Saffron Foxclaw: Testing my Patience
IsaChun: Look-791
IsaChun: Look-789
Saffron Foxclaw: 23/11/26
lunafuneral1: Tia @ Mischief Managed