chumaroza_planet: Summer. Sunny and hot
Tony Tooth: Mirage
ャン: Doris
ャン: Doris
fogline: Sharing
fogline: In Darkness She Sees
fogline: The Lone Fisherman
fogline: A Necklace Of Sorts
ャン: Doris
ャン: Doris
Rich Levine: When Will She Be Back In The Spotlight?
fogline: The Produce Vendor
fogline: Beirut Angel
fogline: Adara
Studio d'Xavier: The Shadows of the Texas Motel
fogline: Rose Of Charoun
Pit Spielmann: Havenpark 33 | Zierikzee
Wendy:: yes; the combination of water and light is mesmeric to me:)
fogline: Corral
fogline: Inspecting Ink
fogline: Caution
fogline: Senior's Day
ャン: Oulujärvi
fogline: Looking Down At The Lonliness
fogline: The Port Of Beirut
fogline: Cowgirl As Beauty
lisby1: Rose, Myersville, Maryland, August 2020.