crescentsi: Reflective
yookyland: 11.8.2022: remnants of summer
cathy sly: sage
flo.rian: impressive
Douglas R. Darby: Church Steeple II
mazzmo: 🌞 [explored]
Douglas R. Darby: Mission Towers (1)
yookyland: 11.2.2022: gorgeous in every way
Eirini L.: Saida, June 1982
{april h}: :: after the rain ::
Disparatodo: Morning Calm
Douglas R. Darby: Got any quarters 1a
crescentsi: Resonance
a g n è s: Through The Window
lfranscoviak: Little pig
yookyland: 10.23.2022: aptly named beautyberries
Evangelina M: The Fall Of The Leaf
mazzmo: Dusk
Andrei Grigorev: Cloud fever
yookyland: 10.18.2022: last photo of the day