BorisToronto: DSC_9316
austin granger: Portland
silent13wish: Uncle Save COVID-19 Vaccine
J MERMEL: Halloween, 2020
Chris Toombes: Stranger portrait Joseph Morin
Julien la Fraise: Coronavirus
Louky Jac: Deus ex Machina (Crank House, October 2020)
Jón Óskar.: Fagrifoss
Gilbert Mercier: COVID-19 chronicles: Halloween celebration in small town diner
*lobo*: Coloured and well prepared. Now: second shut down.
grannie annie taggs: Deep in conversation
grannie annie taggs: Modern Dilemna - Mask or a smoke?
Laurita Church: último tramo
Wiky Berny: J’arrive....
BorisToronto: 5961-19
Pentax K1: Landschaft an der Elbe MABA6744
Artybee: Felted mermaid
Thomas Simon: Ojos
citil_: family
citil_: girls in red
lardfr1: Central Park 10-23-20
Fabio Cost: Covid diaries - Day zero - At work. 18 hours before I had a fever.
Fabio Cost: Covid diaries - Day 25 - My house constraint continues while my father-in-law repairs the nets for the olive harvest. Fortunately, a tasty vegetarian dinner awaits me in the evening.
erhanmeco: Earthquake!