Emi Yeh: Sometimes I don't understand.
Emi Yeh: Wrong answer.
Emi Yeh: My life as a dog.
Emi Yeh: Bare necessities.
Emi Yeh: Intact.
Emi Yeh: Space oddity.
Emi Yeh: We are all waiting.
Emi Yeh: Do not price tag me.
Emi Yeh: Tag along #
Emi Yeh: And we think we are so much smarter than the Mother Nature.
Emi Yeh: Frame of conscious set free.
EdZiomek: Second View Detailed: Land of the Circular Sun and Crescent Moon, "South Georgia and Sandwich Islands"
EdZiomek: Extreme Significance of Pinpoint Convergence: Center of the Ancient Navigation and Hemispherical World?
EdZiomek: Brittania and Athena, Compared (Identical)
EdZiomek: Southwest of Peloponessos, West of Crete, East of Sicily, Plausible Map origin of Greek and United States Flags, Jerusalem and Maltese Cross Designs
EdZiomek: Mediterranean Queen, Explicit Ancient Canal and Road System, 12,000 feet down, between Italy and Greece
EdZiomek: Ancient "Sparkling White Mountain", "Island of the Blessed?", Ocean Floor Bermuda Roads, 100,000+ years old?
EdZiomek: Discus Thrower & Athena, in the area of "Berra Atena", Britannia
EdZiomek: Atlantis master overlay: Original View
EdZiomek: Atlantis-style concentrics, Dacia Seamount
when i was an artist: THE PAINTING LESSON
when i was an artist: gestualdrawings
when i was an artist: the painting lesson