Wuzbug: Experimental Art work, in ballpoint pen, coloured pencils, and gouache, by jmsw on sketch book card. Title, “A New Dawn.”
Wuzbug: Just started. An imaginary Landscape by jmsw on sketch book card. To be continued in colours!
Blue York: A corner of King's Manor, York
Zuateg Photography: freeflows 34_568
Zuateg Photography: freeflows 46_114
Zuateg Photography: Gleaming Cross
Zuateg Photography: Life Under the Baobab Tree
Zuateg Photography: The Winner
Zuateg Photography: Dispanel Dispicturing Dishumanity
bazyli.liszek: 20221201_163653
Zuateg Photography: Mirroring Personal Wars
Wuzbug: Stopped for tonight, will continue tomorrow . Coloured pencil drawing by jmsw on thick card. “ The Cello.”
Blue York: King's Manor, York: The refectory steps
Blue York: The King's Manor, from the ruins of St Mary's Abbey in Museum Gardens, York.
Wuzbug: Ballpoint pen only drawing by jmsw on sketch book card.
Blue York: Sheiling hut, Shieldwater, Ousby, Cumbria
Blue York: Sketchbook page: Sheiling at Shieldwater, Ousby, Cumberia
lwdphoto: Self Portrait with Beard and Cape.
Bob Smerecki Art: Voodoo Priestess
Bob Smerecki Art: Victorian Steampunk House
Bob Smerecki Art: v76zkp_5ba4496885c793be4f909e2a740174fd86fd8a62
Bob Smerecki Art: Toddler Girl Eating a Red Apple
Bob Smerecki Art: The Wicked House
Bob Smerecki Art: The Red Sun
Bob Smerecki Art: The Red Cardinal
Bob Smerecki Art: The Red Cardinal in Snow
Bob Smerecki Art: The Penis
Bob Smerecki Art: The Old Kitchen
Bob Smerecki Art: The Mini Village