Randomographer: Day 288 : Fructus Exaruit
gabi-h: A Taste of Garlic
imagemaker10: IMG_0214a
toucanne: From the community garden
toucanne: Tangerines
koriko3: IMG_8722
Κώστας Καϊσίδης: A backyard fruit with a Crown...
Jacopo Tonini: Pomegranates in the misty morning
Jacopo Tonini: Figs in the misty morning
Jacopo Tonini: Late Harvest
Brian️ WB: A few carrots from the garden
hedera.baltica: Black cherry
Dennisbon: Strawberries
decajol: Coeur de Kiwi
G_E_R_D: Tomatoes
mariepaule5467: Birne in Ribbeck
lei_auckland: spring-onions-2
astridhenn: Kohlrabi
jojablero: Madroños / Madrones I
Life, unscripted Photography: 52 Frames - Week 42 - Food Photography
Tony Worrall: Seasonal pumpkins
MaomingSS: D61_9738_00001
ellenbouckaert: Laatste oogst tomaten uit de tuin...
keidong: carrot chunks
Micheo: Open your mouth, please
janhallback: 6M7A1325