copazetic: Insurance Shops are Everywhere
Tinpixels: Steam retro
gsmci1: Across the river and into the trees...
copazetic: CoolCrest-10
Tinpixels: Intwined Pergola
copazetic: A Fowl most Foul
Tinpixels: Stone fence
Tinpixels: Growing in the tree
Tinpixels: Cold spillway
Lawrence Chard: 1821 Silver Five Shilling Crown George IV (IIII) Edge Year Secundo Die Crack on Reverse - Obverse
gsmci1: Day at the Beach
Tinpixels: Hidden deer
Lawrence Chard: 2017 UK Gold Proof New One Pound Dodecagonal Coin Documentary Shot of Defect Flaw on Rim
gsmci1: No wind at SEAL Beach
copazetic: Colorado Jay
Tinpixels: Little Red Wagon
Lawrence Chard: Fleetwood to Poulton Railway Line
Tinpixels: White radish Yellow Cauliflower
anyjazz65: Points of Interest
gsmci1: Oak in the Yard
Tinpixels: Sun and Snow on Ice
Tinpixels: Patina
E. Nelson: 510 vs 2002
anyjazz65: Dale Chihuly
Tinpixels: Quack