pam's pics-: Fenced In
pam's pics-: The Red Truck
Wolfgang Biller: the tree in b + w
woody lauland: Mueller Lake Park View
sterno_yankees: POINT REYES!
Gabriel Voyager: Alps - The fog
Gabriel Voyager: Turin - Ghost house
Harvey Licht: Octopus Kite - Oceano Dunes
Gabriel Voyager: Turin - Old Tavern
pam's pics-: Stonewalled
brruno: Diario 2019
Harvey Licht: Plowlines - Hoyt, Colorado
swanksalot: Merz Apothecary
pam's pics-: Yes, Another Church Shot
Harvey Licht: Sacred Hearts
J..Curtis: Still, after 61 years, mom starches and irons dads handkerchiefs.
pam's pics-: Spring In The Churchyard
pam's pics-: Church Corner Glamour Shot
woody lauland: Gardens of Mueller, October, 2019
woody lauland: Gardens of Mueller, October, 2019
pam's pics-: The Church Corner
pam's pics-: Frontal St Paul's
anita.elle: Petite pointe de rouge
anita.elle: Plougrescant
cinderellasgarden: Deko im Garten herbstlich
brruno: Diario 2019
pam's pics-: Losing Focus
pam's pics-: Black And White Landmark