andysae: Cereus dayamii
andysae: x Echinopsis 'Watermelon"
etacar11: San Marino CA - The Huntington - Magnolia
etacar11: San Marino CA - The Huntington - Iris
spicysquid1: Lonely Pink Lotus !
spicysquid1: ROSE !
Alexandra Rudge. Peace & love!: “A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in
spicysquid1: "Peachy Sextet ! "
spicysquid1: Lavendar Duet !!
spicysquid1: Apricot Glow !!
spicysquid1: Agapanthus !
spicysquid1: DON'T SWEAT IT !!
spicysquid1: Among the Milkweed !
spicysquid1: Pink Lotus Visitor !
spicysquid1: NO Acorns Today !!
spicysquid1: HANGING ON !!
spicysquid1: Piink Lotus Blossom !
spicysquid1: "APRICOT GLOW"
spicysquid1: Grasshopper Nymph !
spicysquid1: CHERRY BLOSSOM PINK !
spicysquid1: AFTER the RAIN !
spicysquid1: Among the Cacti !
spicysquid1: UNKNOWN PRETTY !
spicysquid1: "Peppermint" Peach Blossom
spicysquid1: Cherry Blossoms Bonanza !
andysae: Three Friends Pavilion
andysae: Wistaria "Cooke Special'
andysae: Waterfall at the Lingering Clouds Peak