Verb.Sleuth: Morning fun at the beach
Yvonne kluin: Jeugd rijnmondband Schiedam
soniaadammurray - On & Off: Falling Through the Cracks...
karma (Karen): HSoS ~ Think Pink
Supremecourtjester: Blasé New Yorkers Walk By Unzipped Building
muffett68 ☺ heidi ☺: interesting cement mixers
cheezepleaze: salt in the sky or sky in salt
Wes Iversen: Amongst The Grasses
mags : ): flamenco flowers
2bmolar: Cafe
karma (Karen): Hydrangea tripping
soniaadammurray - On & Off: Head in the Clouds
Yvonne kluin: Reflected Swan
alisonhalliday: Well known worldwide, but especially in Blyth!
Supremecourtjester: Breadman whistles while kids kick a soccer ball
Timothy Valentine: The Grand Opening
mags : ): autumn rain
cheezepleaze: rain relishing roses
2bmolar: Mushroom Rock
mags : ): light'n airy
Timothy Valentine: A Good Year for Clematis
soniaadammurray - On & Off: As Bright As a Button
jandouwe: 7 x 4.5
Supremecourtjester: Needlework in the Window
Wes Iversen: Look Up
2bmolar: On The Banks
karma (Karen): Phoenix Mountain Park