yeahwotever: Niva Floyd
kirillr: Ruskeala marble quarry
. ruinenstaat: . the brighter the shine, the darker the shadows
. ruinenstaat: . second globe
yeahwotever: Life in the Snow Globe.
yeahwotever: 55803506
yeahwotever: Another Suspicious Eye..
yeahwotever: Old Steam in Omsk.
yeahwotever: Tired in Belogorsk.
. ruinenstaat: . post-modernism is modernism with the optimism taken out
. ruinenstaat: . like a christmastree
. ruinenstaat: . футбол стадион калининград
. ruinenstaat: . bauer-sucht-frau-denkmal
. ruinenstaat: . dawn of an empire
. ruinenstaat: . росси́йская национа́льная библиоте́ка
. ruinenstaat: . I have against me the bourgeois, the military and the diplomats, and for me, only the people who take the metro
. ruinenstaat: . amphitheater
. ruinenstaat: . rodina
. ruinenstaat: . baywatch
. ruinenstaat: . dancing on nuclear wasteland
. ruinenstaat: . dog days
. ruinenstaat: . отказ электропитания
. ruinenstaat: . welcome to the carbon age - final chapter!
yeahwotever: Platform vendor in Ishim.
@alvaro.alvarez25: Kremlim window
O_T_: Tsaritsyno park, Moscow
O_T_: Kamenka River, Moscow
O_T_: Epiphany Church, Kamenka River, Suzdal