jockphoto: _JM60224
jockphoto: _JM60224
jockphoto: CNV00018
jockphoto: 158856 East Midlands
jockphoto: 156490 Northern Rail
jockphoto: P1000448 Panasonic FZ10002
jockphoto: Railfreight 66711
jockphoto: P1000340 Panasonic FZ10002
jockphoto: P1000305 Panasonic FZ10002
jockphoto: Panasonic FZ10002
jockphoto: 220021 Manchester Piccadilly
jockphoto: _JM60203
jockphoto: _JM60207
Rhisiart Hincks: Platform 14
CL21LS10GTITCR: 9000 In The 90's.
mark5812: 142 007 at Manchester Piccadilly on 13th April 2019
mark5812: 323 229 at Manchester Piccadilly on 13th April 2019
john from bedford: 101693 MANCHESTER PICCADILLY 20030916
Skelton80s: Class 506 Hadfield set N°7 Manchester Piccadilly 10th November 1984
Jjm2009: 76006 backed up on platform 4 at Manchester Piccadilly on the Locomotive Club of Great Britain's "Christmas Tommy" tour on Tuesday 30th December 1980
CL21LS10GTITCR: Danger Danger.
CL21LS10GTITCR: Cast Off.
mark5812: 158 782 at Manchester Piccadilly on 3rd January 2019
Jjm2009: D9000 "Royal Scots Grey" with 1T55 return Hertfordshire Railtours "West Coast Deltic Pioneer" from Manchester Piccadilly to Euston on 8th March 1997
john from bedford: 156486 MANCHESTER PICCADILLY 20150604 (2)
john from bedford: 175102 MANCHESTER PICCADILLY 20130704
CL21LS10GTITCR: The Bristol Brush.
john from bedford: 309616 MANCHESTER PICCADILLY 19940617
john from bedford: 304032 MANCHESTER PICCADILLY 19891207
john from bedford: 319365 MANCHESTER PICCADILLY 20150604