LSW2020: Bacon King & Onion Rings
HiZmiester: Whopper , 2019
HiZmiester: H&T Burgers , Aiea HI, 2019
HiZmiester: TERI Burgers and Teri fries, H&T BURGERS, Aiea HI, 2019
HiZmiester: BBQ kai, Waianae Hawaii, 2019
shinnygogo: Belcampo Burger 1/2 lb. grass-fed beef patty, cheddar, caramelized onions, butter lettuce, house sauce, brioche.
silvrmn: Top Notch Beefburgers - Double Cheese
silvrmn: Maillard Tavern - 'The Classic'
LSW2020: Burger King Big King Tripple Stacker & Fries
silvrmn: The Burger Point "The Dirty South"
silvrmn: The Stop-In Burger
silvrmn: Red Hot Ranch Double Cheeseburger
silvrmn: Muskie's Charburger w. fries
anokarina: Congratulations, Annie’s! ―what a great 70th birthday year you are having 🎉🎈 🎁
FourteenSixty: Delicious: Wagyu Truffle Burger at Boucherie, NY
silvrmn: Burger Point - The Dirty South
Stefan's Gartenbahn: Fischburger mit Pommes
silvrmn: Fatso's - Double Cheese Fatso with Everything but Onions
earthdog: 3x3 protein style
silvrmn: Double Shroomburger - The Burger Point, Chicago (Pure Umami)
mkhees: Cheese-Burger
earthdog: Super Duper
silvrmn: Charcoal Delights - 1/4-lb. burgers on the grill
silvrmn: Charcoal Delights - 1/4-lb. burgers on the grill
shinnygogo: IN-N-OUT Double Double with Grilled Onions
anokarina: Your traditional, all-American 🍔 and 🍟 and fried 🍗 dinner 🇺🇸
silvrmn: Bill's Dive-in
silvrmn: Double Cheeseburger - Bill's Drive-in
StepH_Monster: Innsbruck at dinner