Perry Gerenday Photography: 27/52 -- Perry and the Magic Silver Ladle
Stu.G: Apple Tree (38/52)
Mark Somerville.: 29\52 - Shadows in the Bathroom
therealjoeo: Grassy Knoll {37/52}
Wittwering: Week 37/52: XPoNential
SONICA Photography: 'Level Two'
Lonestar & Wrinklebonce: St Jean de Cole - Dordogne
eddi_monsoon: Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
EirenaRothwell: week 35 : POSTCARD
whiplashbikerphotog: 36/52 cool biker chick traveling across the country on her Harley
Matthew Bickham: A Light Bulb Moment
pmitools: Download Agile Project Plan Template Excel
EirenaRothwell: week 34 : DEPTH OF FIELD
therealjoeo: Wish you were here {36/52}}
SONICA Photography: 'On A Ramble'
lemanie73: Portrait in Monochrome 37/52
JLC Photography Spokane,WA: Still Have to Face It II....
Matthew Bickham: Aysgarth Upper Falls
Anders Gisle Larsson: 2021-09-12 20.19.52 - Boxing, Uge 36, Assentoft, Randers - _DSC6072-4 - ©Anders Gisle Larsson
whiplashbikerphotog: 35/52 Gary and the shoebox
rq uk: Sunrise Wednesday 8th September 2021 at 06:33:51
rq uk: Juvenile Male Kingfisher at Bittern Hide Saturday 4th September 2021 at 08:02:25
Neilfatea: Week 37 - Boiler House Wall
Stu.G: Hillmorton War Memorial (37/52)
maljoe: 21.09.11 - Roa Island [Wreck] 210905
bennyr: 37/52. Sunset Gallop
Wittwering: Week 36/52: Hank the Tank
martinphoto11: Sunrise iPhone photo