pegase1972: Trinity Anglican Church
Stuart Smith_: Cemetery Gates, Margravine Cemetery, Margravine Road, Hammersmith, London, England UK
Ivan Radic: Weißes Kreuz auf einem Grabstein
Ivan Radic: Old gravestones at a small town graveyard
Ivan Radic: Vertrocknete Blumen auf einem Grabstein
Ivan Radic: Broken off wooden crosses on the ground at a cemetery
Ivan Radic: Abgebrochenes Holzkreuz auf einem Friedhof
Ivan Radic: Grave of a communist with wooden five-pointed star
Ivan Radic: Kreuze und Grabsteine auf einem Friedhof im Rückspiegel
Diana Acuña: Cementerio de San Matías
Norbert Kaiser: Das Jubiläum naht...
pegase1972: Trinity Anglican Church
Ivan Radic: White stone cross on a gravestone
Ivan Radic: Old gravestone with a cross and illegible writing
ken mccown: Wall Memorials
Ivan Radic: Old, fallen and broken gravestone
Ivan Radic: Close-up of a stone cross on a gravestone
Ivan Radic: Old gravestones with framed oval pictures of the dead. Serbian cemetery
Ivan Radic: Cross made of white granite ona gravestone
Ivan Radic: Hand next to a faded black cross on a tombstone
Ivan Radic: Old gravestone leaning and could topple over
IanAWood: The restoration him looks for new projects for 2020
IanAWood: _IAW9401
IanAWood: Old headstones twisted by time
IanAWood: The Renton family tomb
IanAWood: Ivy takes over the headstones of those long dead
IanAWood: _IAW9498
IanAWood: The tomb of Princess Sophia
IanAWood: Aitchison Mausoleum