IanAWood: The Champness family grave
IanAWood: The grave of Patrick and Anastasia Burke
IanAWood: Grave of Lieutenant Herbert John S Skardon 3rd Bn. Devonshire Regiment wounded in France died in London 31/10/1918
IanAWood: A General view of the Southern section looking East behind the Chapels
IanAWood: Their Name Liveth For Evermore
IanAWood: A memorial fades
IanAWood: _IAW5472
IanAWood: Common Grave Memorials not yet ordered
IanAWood: Time fades the loving memory
IanAWood: The grave of Susan Webb
IanAWood: A granite obelisk rises above the other graves in the South Eastern corner of the cemetery
IanAWood: General view of the Southern section looking East
IanAWood: The East profile of the Chapels
IanAWood: Graves in the Southern section looking towards Park Royal Road
IanAWood: Looking West in the Southern section of the cemetery towards the Chapels
IanAWood: For All Eternity
IanAWood: The grave of Edmund Reynolds
IanAWood: The grave of Albert Norris Perry killed when the Lusitania was sunk in 1915
IanAWood: The grave of Captain Rawlines
IanAWood: The memorial cross to Leslie Ogilvie M.D. stands tall
IanAWood: The grave of John Burgess Manning
IanAWood: The grave of Lee and Eileen Charles
IanAWood: A new gravestone marks the resting place of Dr H S Lynn and his wife Kate
IanAWood: Common Grave Memorial set in concrete against the wall in the Southern section
IanAWood: Panorama of Acton Cemetery
IanAWood: The grave of George Lee Temple
IanAWood: The grave of George and Charlotte Corbett
IanAWood: The grave of Emma Hursey has survived the metal thieves so far
IanAWood: The family grave of Harry and Ada Muxlow
IanAWood: _IAW5531