Lon&Queta: Hut for roasting farinha de casava
butts97: Belcastel, Dordogne, Massif Central, FR. 03026 (13)
butts97: Central Davos, GR. encounter 1.10 033
butts97: Sertigtal, Davos, GR. , GR. 03194 (17)
butts97: Ftan, Unter-Engadine, GR. 3184 (8)
butts97: Sent-Ftan, GR 154 (3)
Landscape/ People in oil paint watercolor etching: Near the small town of Collioure in France - oilpainting on canvas 62x78cm 2020
AdamCohn: Shanty Home, Jamaica
naturaconsultoria: consultora-oficial-–-natura-100% -seguro-nas-compras-online
Lon&Queta: Baskets and Table, Amazonas
Lon&Queta: Wooven Fans, Amazonia
Lon&Queta: Inside of a thatched roof, Amazonas, Brazil
Lon&Queta: Girl holding palm seive used to squeeze water from manioc paste; Rio Xié near Venezuela; Amazonas, Brazil
Lon&Queta: Grandmother making açaí wine; Rio Xié near Venezuela; Amazonas, Brazil
Lon&Queta: House building, Amazonas, Brazil
Lon&Queta: Homes on the River, Amazonas
Lon&Queta: Rope from vines around a tree; Amazonas
Lon&Queta: Construction methods - Amazonia
Lon&Queta: Rope from vines in Amazonas
Lon&Queta: Baskets and Mud Walls, Amazonas
Lon&Queta: Basket with Charcoal, Amazonas 2004
Lon&Queta: Mud wall home - Amazonas
Lon&Queta: Roasting pan with dolls, Amazonas
Lon&Queta: Home on the Rio Negro, Amazonas Brazil
Lon&Queta: Woman in her kitchen, Amazonas, Brazil
Lon&Queta: Kitchen - Cocina, Amazonas, Brasil
Lon&Queta: Cooking, Amazonas, Brazil
butts97: Parati, RJ. 2007-03-09 (1)
butts97: Agua Clara, MS. 622 (16)
butts97: 2015-05-06 Vogorno, Ticino, CH. (162)