baladeson: Le Tour de France à Versailles
williamcrew378: Virginia LOVEworks Sign in Montepilier, VA
tubblesnap: American classic
Mee Memories: Friends 2
Mee Memories: Friends
Mee Memories: Purple Baskets
thaw02: The artist formerly known as "Blue Jay"
Fotofricassee: Truman Capote (In Cold Blood; Breakfast at Tiffany's) was once quoted.... "I live in Brooklyn. By choice". Photographer David Attie snapped this photo in B&W in Capote's 1950's Brooklyn Heights.
RichardK2020: COVID cometh ... again
Ostravak83: No more trams
thaw02: Autumn is Looming
Mee Memories: No Lifeguard
thaw02: Black & White (and blue) Boats
thaw02: The Humble Fire Hydrant
john elvidge: Sunflower
john elvidge: Last one standing
williamcrew378: Virginia Loveworks Sign at Kings Dominion Campground
williamcrew378: Hot Wheels 2020 Tokyo Games Fast Felon
williamcrew378: Hot Wheels Muscle Mania '86 Monte Carlo
Jose Rahona: Cactus
clubbinglawyer: Flags of Chile
Frankfj: Still standing
williamcrew378: Hot Wheels 2020 Tokyo Games '10 Toyota Tundra
Nick.Bln: Ropes
clubbinglawyer: A Man and His Boat
baladeson: Versailles - Galerie des glaces
RickBaileyPhoto: Old Duplex
The Terry Eve Archive: Yellow Combine_3683
Hachimaki123: Duc americà (Bubo virginianus)
Nick.Bln: Kisses