baladeson: Mât ratp - station Lamarck - Caulaincourt - Paris
mario.zupanovic: No vehicles
squadie2011: Yellow signs
EG - NYC Photography: Shadows - Midtown/West Dawn
woodwork's: too old to rock n roll...
john elvidge: Salisbury cathederal
lloydboy52: Desert Scene
EG - NYC Photography: A Red Hoodie
ambabheg: Morocco August 2022 - 17
ambabheg: Brixham, Devon, April 2022
Carmelo DG: DSC04423.
EG - NYC Photography: Woman Studying Painting
johnstewartnz: Left on the Beach (024/365)
Vic Gregg (Read my ABOUT first): Feeling a little grey today... 022/365
nbs75: 20220823_100222
nbs75: 20220824_200636
Simon Caunt: Snowy Moor
Valantis Antoniadis: Lesbian crossing light
williamcrew378: VA LOVEwork Sign Smithfield, VA
tubblesnap: Yellow backpack
Katharine’s photos: Tied up in knots
Triple-green: Three Muses
Triple-green: Three Muses
williamcrew378: VA LOVEwork Sign Portsmouth, VA
lloydboy52: Stone Garage Panorama
lloydboy52: Room With A View