IanAWood: Navy memorial
Kay Harpa: Readers grave
Kay Harpa: Readers grave
IanAWood: The sunny side of the Davenport Mausoleum
IanAWood: Memorial to John Simpson
IanAWood: Monument to Edward and John Riddle within the mausoleum
IanAWood: The Davenport Mausoleum
Kay Harpa: Quand les tombes parlent.....
Kay Harpa: Smart couple
jefrpy: 49-Loiré*
IanAWood: Grave of William Ashby
IanAWood: A pilots grave
IanAWood: Grave of Christopher Blunt
IanAWood: The grave of John Sherwin
jefrpy: 07-Barnas*
jefrpy: 74-Bloye
jefrpy: 58-Dornes - cimetière
Kay Harpa: Chez Dupont
Kay Harpa: Contemplation
jefrpy: B-Bouillon 40
Kay Harpa: The lady vanished
Kay Harpa: Jacques Charon - 1920 - 1975
Kay Harpa: Angel !! Behave !! Where have you been educated !!!!!
Kay Harpa: Ludmilla TCHERINA
jefrpy: 60-Ver sur Launette*
jefrpy: 60-Bornel
jefrpy: 73-Sainte Marie d'Alvey
Kay Harpa: Achille's grave (4)
Kay Harpa: Achille's grave (1)
IanAWood: Frank and Gertrude Lutkehaus have been a long time sleeping