Cha1wallah: What Happened Here and When?
hernanjano78: vias mendoza
hernanjano78: DSC01218
Cha1wallah: The Burning Mountain
mariachistatic: New Marlboro Preserve _DSC6228
Cha1wallah: The Beautiful Parasite
Tony Roman Photography ( Next to the Leica “M” lenses, one of the sharpest cheap lenses so far tested is🎂the Minolta MC 58mm Rokkor - PG @ f8 (this one).
Tony Roman Photography ( Minolta MD Rokkor PG 58mm f1.2 @f8. Initial Lens tests (my first trials). Each photo shot from same camera (Sony A7M4), same manual exposure (100 ISO, f8, approx 6 ft, no flash, remote shutter release, on tripod) with various lenses at same f stop (f8)
Cha1wallah: Dry Grass II
Cha1wallah: Dry Grass
Cha1wallah: A Misty, Moisty Morning II
Cha1wallah: Where Earth and Sky Meet
radspix: Chevy #2
radspix: Cahoots. Early.
radspix: Bones
radspix: Supermarket Chevy
Cha1wallah: Caught in a Sunbeam
radspix: Barn
radspix: Daybreak #4
radspix: Daybreak
Cha1wallah: Sun, Shadow and Smoke
mariachistatic: Kettle corn _DSC5069
mariachistatic: Branford Fest _DSC5065
mariachistatic: Marigold _DSC5055
Cha1wallah: The Falls
mariachistatic: Bumbling _DSC4791
mariachistatic: The road ahead _DSC4781
mariachistatic: Village Hill Rd, Lebanon CT _DSC4774