SteveBriant.Photography: Sundown at the farm
CamelKW: Ancient Towers of Svaneti, Ushguli, Georgia
Oscar García: Castillo Urquhart
Ricardo Pallejá: Iglesia Miravet.
J.L. Ramsaur Photography: 1978 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon Westfalia - Oahu, Hawaii
Ramalakshmi Rajan: "Sometimes it's absolutely necessary to look at the world upside down in order to see things right."
Ramalakshmi Rajan: In Kalki 'Deepam'
bellodis: 190567 Col di Lana
bellodis: 190564 Col di Lana
fabrizio_buoso: Ingressi di antiche case
pan shot: Same procedure as every day
Rob Sutherland: 19th September 2019
Nick and Karen Munroe: AUGUST 2019 NGM_2410_8992-1-222
Armaghus: Beckford Tower, Bath, Somerset, UK
J.L. Ramsaur Photography: 1966 Ford Truck B&W
pontfire: Pompeï
cenadavide10: Cagliari
cenadavide10: Porto di Genova
o.solemio: Naezøyfiord
Stefania.foto6: Equilibrio
CamelKW: Ushguli village, Svaneti, Georgia
emptyseas: Dubrovnik
emptyseas: Dubrovnik
dxd379: The Colorado River
Stefania.foto6: Damigella
Ramalakshmi Rajan: Karuppatti Mittai (Palm Jaggery sweet), an unique indian sweet popular in southern Tamil Nadu, you probably haven’t heard of but must try at least once in your lifetime.
Vishals ClickOgraphy: The machine crosses the (Continental) Divide