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Rusti Steele: " Passion Fruit "
colinfcross: Lilikoi Flower
SHAN DUTTA: Passion flower with the bumble bee
Warner Ithier: Shepherd
CallieAndToby: Tiny butterfly on passion flower.
Gregg M: Passiflora caerulea, the blue passionflower
Swallowtail Garden Seeds: Grenadille a grappes, Red Passion Flower (Passiflora racemosa)
michèle 69600: Passiflore bleue, Malaucène, Vaucluse (France)
Swallowtail Garden Seeds: Passiflora pinnatistipula.
Swallowtail Garden Seeds: Passiflora picturata.
Swallowtail Garden Seeds: La Barbadine, giant granadilla. Passiflora quadrangularis [as Passiflora grandiflora] Produces the largest fruit of any Passiflora.
Harm Smit photo's: Passion flower (Passiflora)
Rusti Steele: " Maypop "
SHAN DUTTA: Passion flower with the bumble bee [DSC_3865]
*Agnes: Happy Friday's Flower Power
CallieAndToby: Passion flower fruit.
THE Halloween Queen: Exotic Flower
Linda DV: Passion jewel.
CallieAndToby: Wild passion flowers with bee.
CallieAndToby: Purple passion flower.