spicysquid1: Sad Oriole Fledgling !
spicysquid1: Among the Cactus !
spicysquid1: LOTUS LANTERN !
andysae: Honey Favorite
andysae: Easy Does It
andysae: Hoverfly feeding on a Rose
MJGhajar: The Huntington
spicysquid1: "Huntington's 100th" !
spicysquid1: Wide Open !
Susan Liepa: In the Chinese Garden: Pagoda
Susan Liepa: In The Chinese Garden: Pond of Reflected Greenery
spicysquid1: SOFT PINK !
spicysquid1: LOTS to EAT !
spicysquid1: "April Dawn" - Top View
spicysquid1: "April" in Summer !
spicysquid1: PINK LOTUS !!
spicysquid1: THIS ONE !!
spicysquid1: REALLY SPIKY !!
spicysquid1: TWINS !!
spicysquid1: STAND OUT !!
spicysquid1: "EXCUSE ME !! -----
spicysquid1: Inside Beauty !
Larry Marotta: 5DM4-3699.jpg
Larry Marotta: 5DM4-9225.jpg
spicysquid1: "Jump for Joy" Droplets !
spicysquid1: Agapanthus Up Close !