Studio d'Xavier: Stink Bug
xrverde: 2020-08-06_11-35-07 Notte in Nord Italia So Far So Good So Far So Good So Far So Good So Far So Good So Far So Good So Far So Good
Studio d'Xavier: Of Arms and the Nature of Man
xrverde: Jazmin / 6 20
xrverde: 2020-05-12_06-47-34
xrverde: west front st. NJ USA
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xrverde: New Jersey , USA 2020
xrverde: west fourth st.NJ USA
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xrverde: 2020-05-14_02-56-53
xrverde: 2020-05-14_12-59-22 Sputnik Girl
xrverde: Brooklyn bridge
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Studio d'Xavier: 3 Bunnies in the Bathroom
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Studio d'Xavier: Portrait of Two Young Men Discussing the Pickle on Their Frame or The Day I Lost my Pickle at the Manigotapi Museum of Modern Art
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