ell brown: Berrington Hall - Drawing Room - piano
ell brown: Berrington Hall - Library - piano
ell brown: Berrington Hall - Library - piano
BlueCanoeRecords: Hiroe Sekine - Hiroe's Spirit (Album Promo)
BlueCanoeRecords: Hiroe Sekine
BlueCanoeRecords: Hiroe Sekine - Hiroe's Spirit
ell brown: Snowshill Manor - the collection of C. P. Wade - piano
ell brown: Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge - Italian art C16th - C18th - Spinetta-a-tavola or virginal
ell brown: The Minories Galleries - 74 High Street, Colchester - Piano
Glabuschagne: Golden Piano
KM's Live Music shots: Lunchbreak Opera (2019) 11
ell brown: Anglesey Abbey a look round the former Priory building - Lower Gallery - piano
ell brown: Ickworth House - State Rooms - Library - Piano
ell brown: Ickworth House - Servants' Quarters - Servants' Hall - piano
MarianneLems: de piano
ell brown: Melford Hall - Blue Drawing Room - piano
tedesco57: Hatchlands Park - where every room is a music room....
tedesco57: Hatchlands Park - piano & chair
tedesco57: Hatchlands Park
jjnappleton: Fingers at play.
Dave Cool Britannia: Elton John Farewell Tour
RobertDicks2: I'm learning to play. May not turn out well.
canadianlookin: Musical memories
grace_lawler: Red piano in Elgar Room, Royal Albert Hall
KM's Live Music shots: Branford Marsalis Quartet (2019) 06 - Julian Joseph (guest)
tedesco57: The Steinway at Polesden Lacy
KM's Live Music shots: Mischa Macpherson (2019) 20 - Alistair Iain Paterson