hey ~ it's me lea: Sid, soaking up the sun
TV DiSKO: Roedelius, Looking Lip-Smacking Good
Michael S Knight: Black Cat
hey ~ it's me lea: just chillin'
Michael S Knight: Young Cat
Michael S Knight: Cat Close-Up
Xena*best friend*: Happy Caturday ☼
hey ~ it's me lea: What do you see Sid?
zserg2000: My Cat
hey ~ it's me lea: Keeping watch
zserg2000: Cats
rismo10: Sasha / Hirosaki
rismo10: Sasha / Hirosaki
Xena*best friend*: Tony DiNozzo ♥
claire takes pictures: Black cat in the garden
rismo10: Aomori home
hey ~ it's me lea: Still no lap snuggles
rismo10: Aomori home
mark1973r: Cookie
TeylorDelight: DSC_2680