Ron Fisher: D21579. Beddgelert.
yeahwotever: Up and Over.
yeahwotever: Bronwydd Arms yard.
yeahwotever: The Old College.
yeahwotever: Bracing.
yeahwotever: Aber Harbour Break Water.
yeahwotever: Disused Goods Shed.
yeahwotever: Dyfed Seeds Ltd.
Ron Fisher: D21388. Worm's Head.
yeahwotever: Tied Up.
Ron Fisher: D21389. Worm's Head.
Ron Fisher: D21381. Worm's Head.
Ron Fisher: D19331. Penygarreg Reservoir.
Ron Fisher: D19345. Craig Goch Reservoir.
Ron Fisher: D19358. Pont a'r Elan.
yeahwotever: Abandoned Mink Vans 1990.
Ron Fisher: D18695. Moonlight.
Ron Fisher: D19360. Pont a'r Elan.
Ron Fisher: D19361. Pont a'r Elan.
Ron Fisher: D19362. Pont a'r Elan.
Ron Fisher: D19363. Pont a'r Elan.
Ron Fisher: D19364. Pont a'r Elan.
Ron Fisher: 1668. Penygarreg Dam.
Ron Fisher: D19332. Penygarreg Reservoir.
Ron Fisher: D19336. Craig Goch Reservoir.
EionaR.: Poppy field
EionaR.: As far as the eye can see
yeahwotever: Gwili Stock
EionaR.: Day 220 / 365 Llangrannog Beach
Ron Fisher: D21591. Snowdon.