Welsh photographs - thanks for 8 million views: Memories of Chips first snow.... (AC12 02)
Tommysfotografie: If you want to see what these guys did , look the second photo. Photo taken on the Trolltunga in Norway, Hordaland. Sometimes you should be happy that you’re only the photographer πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jean-Louis DUMAS: Chicago's buildings...Vertigo
Jean-Louis DUMAS: Au petit matin...
Jean-Louis DUMAS: Tango, tango ...
Jean-Louis DUMAS: Th Golden Gate
Jean-Louis DUMAS: Dans les dunes...
panoround hutter: Santorini sundown, Caldera
Jean-Louis DUMAS: La tête (N&B)
odeber: Couleurs d'automne.
Jean-Louis DUMAS: Oued Marocain
Jean-Louis DUMAS: Le palmier au bout de la rue...
Jean-Louis DUMAS: Expo Natalia Goncharova
Leguman vs the Blender: Outback Erlunda NT
odeber: Les marais.
panoround hutter: Paris night
Tommysfotografie: Church on the crossing to Schwangau, Bavaria, Germany
E-C-K ART: Juta Hike
odeber: Début d’hiver à Québec.
Jean-Louis DUMAS: London's buildings
E-C-K ART: Almost free
ix 2019: "Andar así no es andar sino quedarse" / "To walk like this is not to walk but to stay"
odeber: Regard sur le fleuve.
odeber: Rivière du Loup.
Tommysfotografie: The Krka Nationalpark from above