RAMTRANSCO IMAGES: More Disregarded Fordson Front Wheels from the 1930s,Staffordshire Moorlands.
RAMTRANSCO IMAGES: Vycon Tractor Mounted Rotavator,Staffordshire Moorlands.
Rogpow: Remains of waterwheel and winding mechanism, Moorswater Limekiln
Alessio3373: 1989 Jaguar Xj Sovereign 3.6
RAMTRANSCO IMAGES: Renault 1181-4S Tractor,Abandoned along with the farm it worked on.
RAMTRANSCO IMAGES: Abandoned Fordson Standard Front Wheel,I am sure there is a Smiling face in there.
Dub Hundley: Iron Man
RAMTRANSCO IMAGES: Once a work horse,Fordson Major,Staffordshire Moorlands.
RAMTRANSCO IMAGES: Rural Decay,A derelict caravan,Staffordshire Moorlands.
Dave* Seven One: Out of Service
Dub Hundley: Iron Man
AZ-Eddy: "Red's Headers"
Dave* Seven One: Out of Service
rustandoldcars69: Fiat Uno Fire 1000
rustandoldcars69: Ford Capri
rustandoldcars69: Alfa Romeo 164 TS
steve vallance coach and bus: Volvo trucks out to grass.
Chromatic Dreams: abandoned cars Kodak Tmax100 239
rustandoldcars69: Alfa Romeo Giulietta
RAMTRANSCO IMAGES: Rusting old corrugated tin shack,Derbyshire Dales.
Timor Kodal: License Expired
Timor Kodal: Rusty Plug
Timor Kodal: Meubles
rustandoldcars69: Mercedes-Benz W124
rustandoldcars69: Autobianchi A112 Elegant
rustandoldcars69: Lancia Fulvia Coupe' Montecarlo
rustandoldcars69: Mercedes-Benz CE