brooklandsspeedway: A lovely steeple
brooklandsspeedway: A picturesque town
brooklandsspeedway: Just beyond the flea Market
brooklandsspeedway: Heading into town
brooklandsspeedway: Danish Street scene
Rubem Jr: The Roman bridge. Santiago Way.
Rubem Jr: Fortress. Viana do Castelo. Portugal.
EduOrtÍn.: Palacio Real de Madrid
brooklandsspeedway: I found another beautiful doorway
brooklandsspeedway: City Hall Tower
brooklandsspeedway: The steeple of St. Nikolai
brooklandsspeedway: We did not visit the Kiel Maritime Museum
brooklandsspeedway: Kiel mattress shop
brooklandsspeedway: Town Hall from the bus while on our excursion
Adfoto: Sicily cathedral of Monreale: the pillars are Roman
brooklandsspeedway: In 1954 it was rededicated as a memorial for the sailors of all nationalities who were lost at sea and at the same time a memorial for peaceful sailing in open seas
brooklandsspeedway: Kiel Town Hall with the Opera House in the foreground
brooklandsspeedway: Looking at the Kiel Town Hall tower as we head to Laboe to start our morning journey
brooklandsspeedway: We passed Kiel's main train station
brooklandsspeedway: The Naval Memorial was originally a memorial for German Sailors of WWI, and then also WWII
brooklandsspeedway: St. Nikolai steeple seen from the ship
Stuart Smith_: Thames Tunnel Entrance, Greenwich Peninsula, Greenwich, London, England UK
Baz Richardson (back & catching up!): Canal wharf, Tavistock, Devon
EduOrtÍn.: Templo egipcio de Debod - Madrid
Rubem Jr: Valença do Minho: Fortress.
Adfoto: Sicily cathedral of Monreale: also the floor of the choir is very beautiful
paulp12: Rochester Cathedral. HFF.
EduOrtÍn.: Puerta de Alcalá - Madrid
brooklandsspeedway: St. Nikolai can be seen from all over the city
brooklandsspeedway: St Nikolai church destroyed in air raids