grass-lifeisgood: Cappadocia Aerial View
grass-lifeisgood: The Blue Mosque
grass-lifeisgood: View from the Cave
grass-lifeisgood: Shadows and Lights
grass-lifeisgood: Ready to Take Off
grass-lifeisgood: Spending time near the Izmir Clock Tower
grass-lifeisgood: Sunrise, Hot-air Balloon, Hot Spring, Cotton Castle, all in one.
grass-lifeisgood: Hot-air Balloons at Cotton Castle
grass-lifeisgood: Hagia Sophia Ancient Cathedral and Mosque (Mobile photography)
grass-lifeisgood: Balloon Ride in Cappadocia of Turkey, mobile photography
grass-lifeisgood: The boy at the Taksim Square, mobile photography.
grass-lifeisgood: Water Show
grass-lifeisgood: Recycling Life
grass-lifeisgood: Banpo Bridge Fountain Show
grass-lifeisgood: Hangang River, Seoul
grass-lifeisgood: Hangang Park, Seoul
grass-lifeisgood: Kuala Kedah
grass-lifeisgood: Langkawi Beach
grass-lifeisgood: Eagle Square
grass-lifeisgood: Teluk Baru Jetty
grass-lifeisgood: Cenang Beach at Night
grass-lifeisgood: Sky Walker
grass-lifeisgood: The Sky Bridge
grass-lifeisgood: Yellow Beetle in Seoul
grass-lifeisgood: Butterfly in Busan
grass-lifeisgood: Haedong Yonggung Temple, Busan
grass-lifeisgood: Fish Art at Busan Gamcheon Village