gmorriswk: on the way up to Pen yr Ole Wen
gmorriswk: Llanddwyn
gmorriswk: Newborough Forest
gmorriswk: Many thanks to the Arctic Monkeys......
gmorriswk: Llyn Bodgynydd
gmorriswk: Llanddwyn
gmorriswk: Ogwen
gmorriswk: Green Goddess at Costa del Newbo
gmorriswk: River Mersey
gmorriswk: Arnfield
gmorriswk: Back to Basics........
gmorriswk: Tiffy
gmorriswk: Super Blue Moon.........
gmorriswk: One of the many falls around Buckden.
gmorriswk: Starbotton
gmorriswk: Buckden Beck
gmorriswk: Royal Liverpool
gmorriswk: Llyn Dinas
gmorriswk: Peaceful Mornings....can't beat them
gmorriswk: Morning fella
gmorriswk: Llyn Gwynant
gmorriswk: Llyn Dinas
gmorriswk: Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!
gmorriswk: Misty Llyn y Dywarchen
gmorriswk: Close up.
gmorriswk: zoomed in a touch!
gmorriswk: Fearless.......
gmorriswk: Costa del Newbo
gmorriswk: Llanberis