gillesfrancotte: Pool in the forest.
gillesfrancotte: Infrared tree
gillesfrancotte: Alone in the countryside
gillesfrancotte: Infrared landscape.
gillesfrancotte: Infrared landscape.
gillesfrancotte: White tree
gillesfrancotte: Infrared
gillesfrancotte: Frosty landscape
gillesfrancotte: Frosty morning
gillesfrancotte: Angry cat
gillesfrancotte: Silky water.
gillesfrancotte: Pond in the High Fens
gillesfrancotte: Cascade de Bayehon
gillesfrancotte: Dead trees in the fog
gillesfrancotte: Creek in the wood.
gillesfrancotte: Turbulent waters
gillesfrancotte: Merry Christmas !
gillesfrancotte: Bayehon waterfall
gillesfrancotte: Autumn Waterfall
gillesfrancotte: Dead trees in the mist.
gillesfrancotte: Waterfall
gillesfrancotte: Infrared landscape
gillesfrancotte: Black cat
gillesfrancotte: Cascade de la Chaudière
gillesfrancotte: Hoegne valley
gillesfrancotte: Hoegne creek.
gillesfrancotte: Hoegne river.