German Vogel: Colorful old Middle East Chehel Stun palace interior in Isfahan, Iran
German Vogel: Gate of the National Garden Iran government compund in Tehran
German Vogel: Beautiful sunrise sky behind mountain silhouette
German Vogel: Middle East Silk Road palace lit up at night
German Vogel: Colorful vintage facades in public park of Hefei
German Vogel: Romantic scene of couple on top of moon bridge of Chinese garden admire the afternoon light
German Vogel: Modern architecture lines on ceiling of Hefei South rapid railway station, China
German Vogel: Sun rises above office buildings under construction
German Vogel: Chinese television broadcasting station modern building and screen in Hefei
German Vogel: Moon bridge water-reflected in Chinese garden
German Vogel: Beautiful historical mosque interior - Imam mosque, Isfahan, Iran
German Vogel: Avicenna Ibn Sina tomb and monument for the Persian polymath in Hamedan
German Vogel: Beautiful holy Shia shrine in Qom, Iran
German Vogel: Doors of old Silk Road era palace water reflected in Kashan, Iran
German Vogel: Ancient ruins of walls and inscriptions in Shahr-e Rei, Tehran
German Vogel: Blue Mosque large dome in Tabriz - Iran
German Vogel: Magical architecture: Musical instruments decoration of Silk Road era Ali Qappu palace, Iran
German Vogel: Lone shadow of man under brick arches
German Vogel: Crows by orange water reflections from Iranian palace, Isfahan
German Vogel: Beautiful Islamic art design at landmark Imam mosque of Isfahan, Iran
German Vogel: Roof of Iran: Middle East traditional architecture of2 Kashan palace, Iran
German Vogel: Abstract shapes of water reflected rocks in aquatic cave Ali Sadr, Iran
German Vogel: Tabriz Summer palace from water fountain, Iran
German Vogel: Beautiful designs on ceiling of Blue Mosque of Tabriz, Iran
German Vogel: Santiago de Chile clean skyline
German Vogel: Street lamp silhouetted against hot Sun and orange sky
German Vogel: Two giants: Modern Shanghai financial skyscrapers Jin Mao tower - China
German Vogel: Single jellyfish swims underwater
German Vogel: Shanghai modern city skyline, China
German Vogel: Ripple Moray eel