GeorgiaRailfan31602: Arkansas and Oklahoma Railroad power sits tied down in Howe, Oklahoma under the setting sun.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: Relaxing scene in Zoe, Oklahoma near the CPKC Heavener Sub.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: Canadian Pacific 2816 leads south into the Quachita at Zoe, Oklahoma.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: The Empress in its early morning prep for departure from Heavener, Oklahoma.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: Loaded coal heads south into and through Amory as the AMOMEM with an H1 in trail swings out to get their train ready.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: Canadian Pacific 2816 leads south through rural Arkansas on the CPKC mainline.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: The town of Mena, Arkansas greeted The Empress on its way south through town passing the depot.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: CP 2816 holds on the main after a service stop as a freight passes slowly through the siding at Vandervoort.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: CSX P001 heads south at Jamestown coming to Waycross.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: Caterparrot 5000 leads the Azalea Sprinter towards Willacoochee.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: UP 9803 leads B828 north at Mauk on the Fitzgerald Subdivision.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: The Empress, CP 2816, heads south coming into DeQueen, Arkansas.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: Southbound grain train heads through Sallisaw on the CPKC Heavener Subdivision.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: Seaboard Coastline heritage basks in the hot sun waiting on its return to service.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: The Empress, CP 2816, heads south through DeQueen, Arkansas on the way towards Shreveport.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: CSX L810 heads east leaving Rockmart behind with a nice L&N leader.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: CSX 2625 leads L810 sporting some L&N livery on the nose of the GP38-2.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: Fresh repainted NS 1074 leads 24A north leaving Locust Grove.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: CSX L810 heads east out of Cedartown with a nice looking leader this morning.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: Canadian Pacific 2816 charges through Rich Mountain on the CPKC mainline heading for Shreveport.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: CP 2816 snakes through the beautiful countryside near Rich Mountain on the way south with the Final Spike Tour heading for Mexico all the way from Canada to celebrate the formation of CPKC.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: A couple of Arkansas and Oklahoma B40-8W’s bask in the evening sunshine in Howe, Oklahoma.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: FSR 3832 works in the morning sunshine as they shuffle some cars in Fort Smith, Arkansas.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: CP 2816 leads the Final Spike Steam Tour south out of Sallisaw on the Heavener Subdivision.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: The Mississippian works in Amory swapping scrap cars being loaded with old ties.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: CP 7051 leads south on the CPKC Heavener Sub in Sallisaw, Oklahoma.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: BNSF 3634 | ET44ACH | Amory, Mississippi.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: CSX 4767 leads north on L738 bound for Fitzgerald as they pass Blueberry.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: CSX M647 takes the siding at Ambrose with a Yn2 leader bound for Rice Yard in Waycross.
GeorgiaRailfan31602: Nice colors on the I026 as they fly north outside of Ambrose with the Seaboard Systems in the lead.