gailpiland: Xmas Cactus
gailpiland: Autumn Sun & Leaves 🍁
gailpiland: bug eyed
gailpiland: Autumn leaves❀️
gailpiland: Maggie & Russ
gailpiland: My sister Maggie died yesterday! Rest In Peace little sis. πŸ’•1947-2019
gailpiland: Summer mountain
gailpiland: Here come the Holidays
gailpiland: Into Autumn Colors
gailpiland: Blue eyes
gailpiland: fall movment
gailpiland: The power of light!
gailpiland: Little boy
gailpiland: Time flies
gailpiland: Happy hummingbird
gailpiland: Frog Friday
gailpiland: Butterfly summer Swallowtail
gailpiland: August butterfly open to hope
gailpiland: tilt a whirl with light & birds
gailpiland: A sip of nectar
gailpiland: Sipping nectar πŸ’•
gailpiland: Cleome delicious delightful
gailpiland: Bee in the blooms
gailpiland: Carlo
gailpiland: Sunflower for all
gailpiland: summer Abstract
gailpiland: Butterfly on red A
gailpiland: Giant hibiscus
gailpiland: Young Doe eating persimmons in the yard πŸ˜‰
gailpiland: hungery baby birds