gailpiland: summer Abstract
gailpiland: Butterfly on red A
gailpiland: Giant hibiscus
gailpiland: Young Doe eating persimmons in the yard 😉
gailpiland: hungery baby birds
gailpiland: Beach days
gailpiland: Hell's Kitchen New York NY
gailpiland: First harvest 2019 May
gailpiland: Hudson yards New York
gailpiland: Sweet pink- Oxalis
gailpiland: Dogwood Drive
gailpiland: Coat of many colors - Rose
gailpiland: Coat of many colors - Rose soft
gailpiland: Notre Dame 2013
gailpiland: pink & white Dogwoods
gailpiland: floral carpet
gailpiland: water color play
gailpiland: Spring 2019
gailpiland: Iris landscape
gailpiland: Yellow for spring
gailpiland: Prayer
gailpiland: music of spring
gailpiland: Daffodil Macro
gailpiland: Camelia 2019= Happy Valetines Day
gailpiland: Winter light
gailpiland: Winter Cardinal
gailpiland: In memory of Billy Todd
gailpiland: Warrior Women
gailpiland: light movment
gailpiland: Winter Rain