gailpiland: Still life for virus quarantine...Be Still...know Peace!
gailpiland: White roses for our wedding anniversary πŸ’•
gailpiland: Happy July Butterfly
gailpiland: Sunday Hot Pink macro
gailpiland: Summer heat
gailpiland: July 2020
gailpiland: Birthday boating on lake Hartwell
gailpiland: Birthday boating on the lake
gailpiland: Happy birthday roses for me !
gailpiland: Sunflower for Summer & Happy Father’s Day
gailpiland: A rose to celebrate the day!
gailpiland: Gardenia
gailpiland: Safe @ Home ...Watercolor
gailpiland: Good morning Day Lily
gailpiland: Watercolor stream of consciousness
gailpiland: Milk Weed - Orange for May
gailpiland: Watercolor Fantasy
gailpiland: Intimate Iris
gailpiland: Iris sunrise
gailpiland: Viburnum snow ball
gailpiland: Amaryllis up close no social distancing here 😜
gailpiland: Amaryllis to cheer us up!
gailpiland: Wisteria take over!
gailpiland: I am painting again after many years!
gailpiland: Foggy morning
gailpiland: Staying at home
gailpiland: Home bound not so bad
gailpiland: African violets in pink
gailpiland: Daffodils for a birthday πŸ’•
gailpiland: March orchid