FX-1988: I have an idea
FX-1988: Around the world in 80 shots
FX-1988: The stand
FX-1988: Claustrophobic
FX-1988: The camp
FX-1988: The Rock Mushroom
FX-1988: Stuck in the endless field
FX-1988: Field of Salt Crystals
FX-1988: The salt Crystal
FX-1988: The salt mushrooms on the lowest place on earth
FX-1988: Composition with 3 pipes
FX-1988: Yellow
FX-1988: Square
FX-1988: Mar Saba Monastery
FX-1988: Habitat
FX-1988: Messed Up
FX-1988: A story of a boat
FX-1988: Turn off the moon
FX-1988: Shape of tree
FX-1988: Sunrise over Bitronot Ruchama
FX-1988: Sunrise over Bitronot Ruchama
FX-1988: In the snow
FX-1988: Valley of Tears
FX-1988: Wings of light
FX-1988: The Dome
FX-1988: Searching
FX-1988: The Guardian
FX-1988: 180°
FX-1988: The sculpture
FX-1988: The abandoned mosque at Khishniyah