Fojo1: Flickr 5,000,000 at 1:37 am, Friday, February 26, 2021
Fojo1: Man Under the Arches
Fojo1: Telephotos - Selective Focus - West Side Market
Fojo1: Midway Mall, Elyria, Ohio
Fojo1: Dale by Dylan
Fojo1: Cropping to a High Note
Fojo1: A Break from my Guitar Practice
Fojo1: At the Gas Station
Fojo1: The Buffalo Bill Look
Fojo1: The Eyes Have It - Telephotos - Selective Focus
Fojo1: Blast from the Past - Reflections in a Bass Horn
Fojo1: Metro Driver, Washington DC (before the pandemic)
Fojo1: iPhone Photography - Gum Machine and Brass
Fojo1: Open Shade Lighting, Washington, D.C.
Fojo1: Dancer in Blue
Fojo1: Topaz Neon
Fojo1: Abstract Realism
Fojo1: A Realistic Abstract of Some of my Guitars
Fojo1: Hyper-Realism - Traffic in Scarlet and Black
Fojo1: Hyper-Realism - Garrish Crossing
Fojo1: Telephotos - Selective Focus - Arena Football - Gladiators Closeup
Fojo1: Urban Color - Lorain, Ohio
Fojo1: Boy in an Art Class
Fojo1: Hyper-Realism - Sundown at the Ballpark in B & W
Fojo1: Impressionistic Realism in the Rembrandt Style
Fojo1: Reflections at a Stoplight
Fojo1: With a Flip of Her Hair...
Fojo1: King Street Candid
Fojo1: Caution Light and Boston Mural
Fojo1: Color Studies in Photography - Roller Derby a