Hans Zitzler: road 7908
GianlucaRicoveri: Watermarked-1409
GianlucaRicoveri: Watermarked-1411
nuno140: Cão da Pradaria
@CarShowShooter: Winter Lights at The North Carolina Arboretum (Asheville, North
@CarShowShooter: High Falls (Rochester, New York)
jellyrollmartin: French Beach trail, after storm
jellyrollmartin: 100 Acre Wood. Metchosin
Birgitta Sjostedt: Little barn i a forest.
kelsk: a very cold morning walk
Calvo Pastor: El Bajo de Coria
**EDV**: Jean d'Anvers
Hans Zitzler: fishermans residence
Hotfish: The Avon
basse def: Série du 02 06 18 : Kuramae MIKOSHI festival, Tokyo
Birgitta Sjostedt: I once lived in a village.
OhCaroline: Cat at the Pumps
OhCaroline: Cow and Dog Conversation on Palolem Beach, Goa India
OhCaroline: Okabena Grain Elevators
egraphic2011 (Bob Weil): In the Thrall of the Muse
Lenabem-Anna J.: Texture - 352
Yaroslav Gerzhedovich: Wild Hunt ( finished, but still looks like a drawing made with acrylic ).
Yaroslav Gerzhedovich: Father & Son