EvelienNL: Ladies checking out and commenting on the passers by
EvelienNL: "Baaah!"
EvelienNL: "Baaah!"
EvelienNL: Cute lamb
EvelienNL: Summer at the countryside
EvelienNL: Turkey butt
EvelienNL: Flowers in the grain field
EvelienNL: Mom and the kids relaxing
EvelienNL: Tulip fields
EvelienNL: Tulip fields
EvelienNL: Nine curious girls by the fence
EvelienNL: Curious cows by the fence
EvelienNL: Edge of the world
EvelienNL: Big bull
EvelienNL: Curious baby foal
EvelienNL: Sunlit trees and approaching rain clouds
EvelienNL: Chickies!
EvelienNL: Winter at the countryside
EvelienNL: Winter sheep
EvelienNL: Winter sheep
EvelienNL: What are ewe looking at?
EvelienNL: Cute sheep
EvelienNL: Look at those eyelashes!
EvelienNL: Horses at the town's edge
EvelienNL: "Move along, please. These seats are already taken."
EvelienNL: Petting zoo runner ducks
EvelienNL: Greenhouses
EvelienNL: The house with the donkeys