EvelienNL: Welcome to Holland
EvelienNL: Who dares?
EvelienNL: Water fun
EvelienNL: Watching the parade
EvelienNL: Late summer downpour
EvelienNL: Paid parking for bikes?
EvelienNL: Per bike along the dike
EvelienNL: "A little more to the left... no, a little more back..."
EvelienNL: Love sweet love
EvelienNL: Marching band maneuver
EvelienNL: Cycling on the dike
EvelienNL: Follow on
EvelienNL: Perseverance
EvelienNL: White laundry day
EvelienNL: Hottest day of the year pasttime
EvelienNL: Paint job at height
EvelienNL: The sheperdess and her herd
EvelienNL: Beach life
EvelienNL: A day at the beach
EvelienNL: Broad-shouldered ladies
EvelienNL: Spakenburg, The Netherlands
EvelienNL: Operation Falcon Leap 2020 paratroopers