evans.photo: Beechnut
evans.photo: Things On The Beach
evans.photo: Rock In The Snow
evans.photo: Rock In The Woods
evans.photo: Small Things On The Garden Table No.2
evans.photo: Small Things On The Garden Table No1
evans.photo: Tanybwlch
evans.photo: Lake Full Of Clouds
evans.photo: Fence Post
evans.photo: Rock Waves
evans.photo: Lines
evans.photo: Formations
evans.photo: Natural Sculpture
evans.photo: Pendinas From Tanybwlch
evans.photo: Upland Remains
evans.photo: Mono Frogspawn
evans.photo: Long Dead Tree
evans.photo: Mono Mushroom
evans.photo: Mono Mushrooms
evans.photo: Wet Leaf
evans.photo: Fallen Tree
evans.photo: Remains
evans.photo: Natural Pattern
evans.photo: What Man Leaves Behind..
evans.photo: Riverbank
evans.photo: Spirals
evans.photo: On The Edge Of A Plant Pot
evans.photo: Little Dead Thing
evans.photo: Fallen