evans.photo: A Crowded Room
evans.photo: Heads Down
evans.photo: British Museum
evans.photo: All Dressed Up
evans.photo: Campari Time
evans.photo: London
evans.photo: Disappointing Sandwich..?
evans.photo: G&T In The Sun
evans.photo: Cloudy Lunchtime
evans.photo: Fashionable Statement
evans.photo: Cocktails Before Dinner
evans.photo: Tired Dad
evans.photo: Sunny Corner
evans.photo: Cocktail Shaker
evans.photo: Stall Holders
evans.photo: Last Customer
evans.photo: Lads On The Prom
evans.photo: Strolling
evans.photo: Cafe Window
evans.photo: Cheap CDs
evans.photo: Pink Hat
evans.photo: Cold Drink
evans.photo: Disgruntled
evans.photo: Chatting
evans.photo: “Attenzione per favore!!”
evans.photo: Pigeon Feeder
evans.photo: Entertaining The Young Lady
evans.photo: Morning Stroll
evans.photo: Slow Day In Barmouth