edpdiver: 01_DSC_1077 jawfish with eggs
edpdiver: 02_DSC_0913 blue ring octopus
edpdiver: 03_DSC_0794 blue ring octopus
edpdiver: 04_DSC_0886 cardinal fish
edpdiver: 05_DSC_1221 tiger shrimp
edpdiver: 06_DSC_0718 coconut octopus
edpdiver: 07_DSC_0748 baby filefish
edpdiver: 08_DSC_0725 baby frogfish
edpdiver: 09_DSC_0950 ornate ghost pipefish
edpdiver: 10_DSC_0834 ornate ghost pipefish
edpdiver: 11_DSC_0782 whip coral goby
edpdiver: 12_DSC_1167 robust ghost pipefish
edpdiver: 13_DSC_0746 peacock mantis shrimp
edpdiver: 14_DSC_1268 sharpnose puffer
edpdiver: 15_DSC_1006 sailfin goby
edpdiver: 16_DSC_1079 jawfish with eggs
edpdiver: 17_DSC_1133 beautiful seahorse
edpdiver: 18_DSC_1149 filefish
edpdiver: 19_DSC_0649 cuttlefish
edpdiver: 20_DSC_0684 Indonesian cowfish
edpdiver: 21_DSC_0689 leafy filefish
edpdiver: 22_DSC_0686 leafy filefish
edpdiver: 23_DSC_0840
edpdiver: 24_DSC_0943
edpdiver: 25_DSC_0944
edpdiver: 26_DSC_0963
edpdiver: 27_DSC_1230
edpdiver: 28_DSC_1231
edpdiver: 29_DSC_0837 orange frogfish
edpdiver: 30_DSC_0802 warty frogfish