edpdiver: IMG_1169 pretty bank of azaleas on our block
edpdiver: IMG_1170 Spring in Louisiana
edpdiver: IMG_1178 newest house development
edpdiver: IMG_1185 back yard pond and new plantings
edpdiver: IMG_1187 new sitting area in our back yard, hopefully a bird and butterfly haven
edpdiver: IMG_1194
edpdiver: IMG_1196 spring in Baton Rouge
edpdiver: DSCN0199 (photo by Bob Schilling; thanks, Bob!)
edpdiver: DSCN1350 (photo by Bob Schilling; thanks, Bob!)
edpdiver: IMG_1266
edpdiver: IMG_1268
edpdiver: IMG_1269
edpdiver: IMG_1271
edpdiver: DSCN1684 (photo by Bob Schilling; thanks, Bob!)
edpdiver: DSC03998
edpdiver: Soo40
edpdiver: UP_5305
edpdiver: IMG_20141011_200448
edpdiver: IMG_1290
edpdiver: IMG_1292
edpdiver: IMG_1286
edpdiver: IMG_1285
edpdiver: IMG_1300 family outing to Audubon Zoo
edpdiver: IMG_1301 white pelicans in the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans
edpdiver: IMG_1305 my nephew Jim Zoeller
edpdiver: IMG_1310 coconut mousse pie for Thanksgiving
edpdiver: IMG_1312
edpdiver: IMG_1313
edpdiver: IMG_1314
edpdiver: IMG_1323 Manny and Mindy, at CityWalk, Universal Orlando